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Tổng hợp tất cả những hạng mục cần kiểm tra khi mua ô tô cũ

Many old cars have many diseases but are skillfully “butt cheeks”, refurbished in order to pass the eyes of buyers. So how to choose a “good price” car?

Many people choose to buy used cars instead of buying new. Because compared to the same amount of money spent on a new car, buying a used car will have more options. If you buy a car from someone you know, you can get a history of the car. However, most used cars are traded through online trading platforms, advertising channels or showrooms… Therefore, it is not easy to understand the car’s history.

There are many reasons why an old owner wants to sell a car such as: want to change the car, have a financial problem, or simply no longer need to use the car. But many other cases of selling cars are because the car has problems such as flooding, accidents, cars are too old, or damaged… Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the car before buying. Below is a summary of all the items to check when buying a used car shared by experts.

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Check the exterior of old cars


According to the experience of buying a used car, the first thing that cannot be ignored to choose a good car is to check and consider the outside of the car. Please observe the car in general to see if there are any unusual signs on the outside, then see if the paint has been repaired. If you see an uneven paint finish, uneven color or burrs, this could be a sign of paint repair or replacement of car parts. Talk a little more about car paint, andWith new cars used from 1 to 3 years, the paint is mostly original, unless it has to undergo an overhaul due to a collision, otherwise the car owner will have no reason to repaint the car.

You should carefully check the exterior parts of the car

Currently, paint technology has reached a high level, but compared to the original paint, if the car has been repainted, it will definitely leave detectable flaws when carefully observed. It is recommended to wash the car before viewing the painted surface to get the most accurate assessment. With the original paint color, the paint surface will be extremely smooth, smooth and uniform in color. Painted surface, when observed at an angle of 30-45 degrees, if you slowly move your eyes, you will see a wavy shape, no paint burns and no paint dust.

According to the experience of checking old car paint, the repaint will not be as perfect as the original paint of the car. When observed, there are paint particles or paint stains on the edges with many layers of paint and especially these paint layers are not durable, only about 1 to 2 years will encounter peeling, especially in the soldering point.

Body shell

Body shell is one of the parts to check when buying a used car that you definitely cannot ignore. You can tell if the car is really “zin” or not through the body inspection. Cars are manufactured with extremely high technical requirements and precision. From small details such as body joints, door slots, slits at the edge of the capo or in the car’s ears, they will also be meticulously designed and have the same width of the openings from top to bottom.

However, when the vehicle has undergone restoration, it is necessary to disassemble the vehicle’s parts such as the door, bonnet… and it is during the process of disassembling and disassembling the vehicle’s parts that it is inevitable to traces back. The easiest to observe are the gaps with buckling, which are no longer as regular as in the original cars. Observing these slots will tell if the car has undergone restoration or not.

The gaps between the intersections between the doors and the bonnet reveal the unoriginal condition of the car

System of glasses

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Glass is also an indispensable part when checking old cars. Because in the event of a collision, the car glass is a very vulnerable part. Check all the windows on the vehicle including the steering wheel, the windows on the doors and the rear glass for cracks or has been replaced. If the windshield has been broken or has been replaced, there is a high chance that the vehicle has had a collision.

The method of checking can be based on the year of manufacture of the glass, if the year of manufacture is not the same year as the vehicle or with other glass parts of the vehicle, the glass has been replaced. If the year of manufacture cannot be found, you can look at the bezels. If there is rust or excess glue on the edge of the glass, it means that the edge of the glass has been affected. If the windshield has been broken or has been replaced, there is a high chance that the vehicle has had a collision.

Carefully check the car glass when buying a used car

Some more details

All the parts on your car need to be sure to check and look carefully to see if they show any signs of change or are still working properly. Door handle grip is one of the signs indicating the level of use of the car, so you need to pay attention. You should also carefully check the car door, car bonnet for signs of deviation, bend or damage?

Then you need to check the roof of the car and the car support for signs of damage or replace? Is the wiper blade part purchased on the windshield still new or old or has any signs of replacement? An important thing that cannot be ignored in the secret to buying a used car is to check the car’s light system. Put the car in a poorly lit area to check the operation of the lights on the car to ensure the most accurate assessment of the light condition.

Check the interior of an old car


According to kInterior inspection experience when buying used carsThe seat on the car is one of the important parts that need to be checked and reflected in the car’s condition. Therefore, in the experience of buying cheap used cars, it is impossible to ignore the car seat inspection. First, see if the color and bulge of the seat cushion is faded, is there a bounce or not? If you find the seats are too new, you should not believe that the car is new, but maybe the owner has replaced it with a new one. Need to check that the seats are properly arranged, are they safe to sit on?

In addition, buyers should also check the floor of the car to see if it is new and clean? Besides, it is also necessary to check the accompanying safety equipment such as checking whether the seat belt system is still in good use, is there any sign of damage? Is the airbag system intact?

Checking the interior equipment is a must when buying a used car

The equipment

The dashboard helps the driver understand the vehicle’s status. It is necessary to ensure that the functions on the control panel work properly and correctly, especially about the meter, fuel indicator and horn buttons. In addition, the buyer should also check the entertainment and audio system on the car to see if it still works or has any problems such as radio, MP3, speakers, etc. Besides, the inspection of the navigation system is still good. no, the burglar alarm system, etc. cannot be ignored before buying a car.

See more How to know if the interior is still good when buying a used car

Check the operating system of old cars

Engine compartment overview

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The engine compartment of a car is the most important part of the car and needs to be carefully checked before deciding to buy a car. If you do not choose carefully, after spending a large amount of money buying a car, you will most likely have to spend a lot of money to repair its diseases, or have to “bite your teeth” and sell it. remove the car at a heavy loss compared to when buying the car. Buyers should lift the hood of the car to check all the parts under the hood such as: engine, water tank, hydraulic drive system, brake fluid, vehicle oil, air conditioning system, car radiator .. From there check whether the parts are in good working order, are there any leaks?

Check under the hood of the car to determine the condition of the engine


With the old car engine check, see if starting the car is easy or not? Some problems, such as taking too long to start the car, or having to start the car many times to start the engine, indicate a problem with the vehicle’s engine, electrical system or in the refueling unit. The best way to check the car engine is to test drive the car, ride in the highest gear and press the accelerator, if the car accelerates slowly, it means the car engine is weak. The cause of a weak car engine can be due to many reasons, but the inspection process helps you evaluate whether to buy a car or not and value the car more accurately.

Test vehicle smoke to assess engine performance. The car engine works best when the smoke is observed to be blue. If the car has black smoke, it means that the engine has excessive fuel consumption or the exhaust pipe is damaged. White car smoke appears, the cause may be due to a loose gasket system blocking the lubricating oil, causing oil to leak into the engine room or because there is water in the muffler. When starting the car, after 5 minutes, the smoke changes from white to blue, the car engine is still good, but if the white smoke color does not go away, you should not buy a car because that means the car engine has a problem. .

The best way to check your car’s engine is to take it for a test drive

Gearbox and steering system

Check the car’s transmission by listening to the clutch pedal and into the gear to see if there are any strange noises? This check needs to take place when the car does not start so that the engine noise does not drown out the transmission sound. Test the vehicle’s steering to assess the effectiveness of the power steering system, if heavy steering indicates poor power assist. Move the car forward and backward to check if the steering wheel is even or not. Pay close attention to strange noises, if any, when driving. Checking the steering system is very important, both for new and old cars, the steering system works smoothly to ensure safe driving.

Cooling system, heat dissipation

The car cooling system part is located under the bonnet, when opening the capo, it is necessary to see if the water tank has enough solution and whether there is a dirty condition in the tank? Check the car’s cooling system, to see if the foam layers are thinning? Observing these parts can assess the condition of the car as well as the car owner’s interest in car maintenance.

When opening the capo, it is necessary to see if the water tank has enough solution and whether there is a dirty condition in the tank?

Check the chassis and tire system of old cars


One of the experiences of buying a used car that cannot be ignored is checking the undercarriage of the car. This is a place that can reflect the condition and signs of many diseases of the vehicle. Do you need to carefully observe the undercarriage for signs of rust, water leakage, is there any abnormality in the chassis or is there any damage to the exhaust system and radiator? Then look at the entire chassis below to see if there are any problems, are there signs of repair?

Through the inspection of the chassis part can catch a lot of car diseases

Shock absorber system

It is necessary to determine if the car’s suspension system has a problem by assessing the vehicle’s vibration and vibration in cases of sudden braking, skidding, and swaying when traveling on bad roads. … Through the condition of the tires, you can also assess the quality of the car’s shock absorbers, if the tires are worn unevenly, it means the shock absorbers have problems. Directly check the shock absorber under the car to see if there are dents or oil leaks? The vehicle’s suspension system is replaceable and adjustable. However, considering its quality will be one of the factors that evaluate the condition and value of the car at the time of purchase.

Need to determine if the vehicle’s suspension system has a problem or not

Wheel and tire system

Tires and wheels are also one of the important parts to keep an eye on during a used car inspection before buying. Look at the wheels and tires to see if they are suitable for the vehicle type and check that the pressure is correct. Are the wheel caps and caps damaged, and are the wheels installed correctly? Besides, you should also check the wear of the tires, if the tires are very new, it means they may have been replaced.

Above is a summary of all the items to check when buying a used car. To ensure that you can choose a quality used car, to avoid buying a mistake, it is extremely important to check used cars before buying. If you do not have experience in buying used cars, the best way is to ask an expert or bring the car to a reputable center for the most specific and accurate car assessment.

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