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Rèm che nắng, tấm chắn nắng ô tô loại nào tốt?

There are many types of sunshades, car door sunshades such as: vacuum, magnet, pull-out curtains, self-rolling… So which one is good?

The hot sun is always an “obsession” not only for motorbike riders but also for car riders. Even if the car windows have been pasted with insulating film, the sun can still shine through, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation for the occupants.

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The harmful effects of hot weather are well known. Sitting in the sun a lot, the body is prone to heatstroke, headaches, fatigue… In particular, the sun also carries radiation that is very harmful to the stomach, causing melasma, tanning, and accelerating the aging process of the skin.

The sun can still shine through the car window causing an uncomfortable burning sensation

Not only that, the hot sun also adversely affects the car interior. Inside the car there are many details made of plastic and leather such as leather seats, taplo, door tappi… These details are very sensitive to hot sun. If you are constantly exposed to the sun, it will quickly degrade. Plastic is discolored, brittle… Skin is cracked, peeling…

To limit the sun through the car windows, people often use sunshades, car window blinds, car rear windows… . There are many types of sun visors, window blinds and car rear windows. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Car sunshade curtain

Unlike the above two types of sunshade, the sunshade curtain as the name implies has a fixed design above the door frame or both above and below. When using, users just need to drag horizontally. Car sunshade curtains also have many individual designs for each vehicle, so they can cover more than 97% of the window.

Car sunshade curtains have a good sun block advantage because they are more airtight than plastic or fabric meshes. The thick fabric both resists heat well on the outside and feels cool on the inside.

In particular, the car sunshade curtain is fixed on the door frame, so when lowering the glass, it does not need to be removed, it can still be used. Some types of car window curtains are fixed above and below, not afraid of the wind, very convenient.

General advantages:

  • Sunshade and heat protection are among the best
  • Firmly fixed to the car door frame
  • There are separate designs for each car model, very tight fit, covering the entire glass
  • Can be used when lowering the glasses

Car window sunshade curtain price: 300,000 – 600,000 VND/set of 4 doors or with additional rearview mirror.

Car windshield sunshade

According to a study from the US, when a car is parked in the hot sun for 60 minutes, the seat temperature will increase to 51 degrees Celsius, the dashboard will increase “terrible” with the temperature reaching 69 degrees Celsius. This can damage the skin, even burn the skin, causing the body to go into heat shock. Besides, this heat level is also capable of melting plastic, changing chemicals, more seriously, exploding the fire extinguisher on the vehicle.

The reason why the car’s cabin temperature suddenly increases when parking in the sun is due to the parts that absorb heat and radiation. In which, the largest heat-absorbing part is the windshield (also known as the windshield).

Car driving glasses are made of glass, and glass is a material with very high heat absorption capacity. That is also the reason why people choose glass as a material to produce heat pipes for solar water heaters. Therefore, compared to the roof of the car, the windshield is still the most heat-absorbing place.

Not only that, the steering wheel is also the largest glass panel in the car glass system. In particular, if other glasses such as car window glass have very little inclination, the steering glass is designed with a very large tilt to support the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The flat surface and large inclination make the windshield absorb more heat.

Sunshades for cars are designed to help shield the entire surface of the windshield, helping to reflect, prevent, reduce and eliminate most of the heat and radiation. In other words, shielding the windshield has the effect of preventing the process of absorbing heat and radiation of the glass.

The car sunshade helps to shield and insulate the windshield when parking in the sun

On the market, although each car sunshade product has a slightly different structure and material. However, most still have one thing in common, which is the use of insulation materials. For example, VATONA car sunshade, this type of sunshade has a structure of 3 layers:

  • The first layer (the outermost layer) is carbon fiber coated with silver on the surface: This layer takes on the role of creating the first screen to help reflect sunlight, preventing the process of absorbing heat and radiation.
  • The second layer (the middle layer) is a specially-made cotton mattress: This layer has the effect of insulating, dissipating heat, reducing heat and eliminating radiation.
  • The third layer (the innermost layer) is polyester fabric: This layer helps protect the surface of the windshield, preventing scratches despite high friction.

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VATONA car sunshade uses heat-resistant technology from Japan with a 3-layer structure to help form multiple layers of protection, for high effective heat protection. Helps to reduce heat and radiation, thereby maintaining the car cabin temperature as low as possible, contributing to the protection of interior details, and at the same time providing a comfortable and pleasant feeling for the user. when entering the car.

Thus, with the design of the windshield shield – the largest heat-absorbing part, and manufactured from special heat-resistant and heat-insulating materials, it can be concluded that the car sunshade is really for sun protection. efficient heating. According to many studies from Australia, using a quality sunshade will help remove 70% of the heat and radiation transmitted into the car interior, preventing the interior heating process.

Auto sunshade with vacuum seal

Vacuum-adhesive car sunshade is a very familiar type of car sunshade, appearing for a long time and being popularly used to this day. Most of us have used this type of car sunscreen.

Vacuum-adhesive sunshades are made from many different materials such as: fabric, mesh plastic, reflective silver-plated foam, etc. Usually have a square shape, rounded corners, and are manufactured according to general sizes. Can fit in most car windows.

There are vacuum buttons on the sunshade to fix it on the glass. When using, just apply to the glass and press firmly on the suction buttons to be able to stick the sunshade on the glass.

However, because it is manufactured according to the general size, this type of car sunblock does not completely cover the car window. If you want to cover it, you have to use many overlapping shields, which is quite inconvenient.

On the other hand, the vacuum sealer does not have a long service life. After only a short time, the suction pad easily loses its grip. Even if you press really hard, it will only fall for a moment.

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Vacuum-adhesive sunshade has the disadvantage that it is easy to fall off

General advantages:

  • Commonly sold, diverse types, brands, colors, materials…
  • Quick to install, quick to remove, highly flexible to use

General cons:

  • The vacuum sticker is easy to fall off
  • Produce in general size, do not cover car glass

Price of car sunshade with vacuum seal: 100,000 – 300,000 VND/set depending on the set of 4 – 5 – 6 pieces.

Magnetic car door sunshade

Magnetic car sunshade is considered an improvement from the vacuum sunshade, overcoming the disadvantages of this type of sunshade.

The car magnet sunshade has a mesh design, made of flexible plastic or fabric, the frame has a built-in magnet. Instead of being fixed with vacuum buttons, the magnetic sun curtain has a magnet core frame to help fix it more firmly on the car window frame. Therefore, this magnetic sunshade is not as easy to fall off as the vacuum type. On the other hand, because it is sucked into the door frame instead of the glass, when lowering the glass, it can still be used, not removed.

Especially now, the line of curtains or sun visors for magnetic car doors has many unique designs according to the size and design of the window frame of each model. For example, a magnetic sun visor Innova, Mazda 3, Honda City, Toyota Vios… With these individually designed models, the magnetic sunshade blinds cover almost all of the glass. Does not allow sunlight to pass through gaps like general-sized manufactured sunshades.

Magnetic sun visor is hard to fall, there are many unique designs according to the car

General advantages:

  • Fixed by magnet quite firmly, no need to remove when lowering the glass
  • There is a separate design for each model, fits snugly, covers the entire glass
  • Quick install, quick remove
  • The aesthetic is quite high

Price of curtain – car magnet sunshade: 250,000 – 400,000 VND/set of 4 doors or with extra rearview mirror.

Self-rolling car sunshade

Self-rolling car sunshades have many names such as roller blinds, roller blinds… The design of this type is similar to fabric curtains but fixed above or below. Fixed rods are usually glued to the glass or have a latch that is attached to the door frame. When used to pull out, when not in use, just open the latch, the curtain will automatically roll in.

Car door sunshade roller blinds are made of mesh plastic. Besides the general size designs, there are also individual designs for each vehicle, but they are quite rare.

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Car sunshade roll curtain has a simple and luxurious design

The structure of self-rolling car sunshades is quite simple. When not in use, more compact than the curtain. Due to the mesh design, this car sunshade curtain feels quite airy, not as mysterious as a fabric curtain. The occupants of the car can observe the outside scenery, which can be used in the front seat window.

The design of car sunshade roller blinds is highly appreciated in terms of aesthetics, bringing many luxurious and high-class features. This is also the reason why many luxury and luxury car models are often equipped with this type of curtain by the manufacturer.

General advantages:

  • Definitely fixed
  • There are separate designs for each car model, very tight fit, covering the entire glass
  • Luxurious design, high aesthetic
  • Can observe outside, feeling airy

Car sunshade roll curtain price: 250,000 – 600,000 VND/set of 4 doors or with extra rearview mirror.

Car side window sunshade curtains

Having a design similar to the car sunshade curtain line, but the car sunshade curtain is made of plastic, paper cloth or silver-coated plastic to prevent heat. The curtain is arranged in the shape of a paper fan, which can be opened and folded.

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The car side window sunshade curtains are arranged like a paper fan

General advantages:

  • Fixed quite firmly
  • Can be flexibly disassembled

General cons:

Price of car side window sunshade curtains: 250,000 – 350,000 VND/set of 4 doors or with extra rearview mirror.

Currently, there are many solutions to protect cars from hot sun such as using sun visors, car undercarriage, anti-heat car tarpaulin, 5D car ceiling cover… In addition, car soundproofing is also a “convenient way to save money on cars”. double track” when it can both soundproof and insulate the car.

The above heat protection methods all bring their own effects. If covering the undercarriage, ceiling, soundproofing of the car, helping to increase the insulation of the body of the car, using a sunshade will help insulate the car window system, especially the driver’s glass. Each type of sunshade, car door sunshade, car side glass has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the right type.

Minh Nguyen

Frequently asked questions about car sunshades

What kind of car sunshade is good?

Reply: Sunshade curtains and self-rolling curtains are two types of curtains that are highly appreciated by many users today.

Does the windshield sunshade help reduce the car’s heat a lot?

Reply: Although the sunshade only covers the windshield, it really works to reduce the heat of the car. Because the windshield is the place to absorb the most heat and solar radiation when the car is parked in the sun. In addition to reducing heat, the windshield sunshade also helps to protect the details in the cockpit such as taplo, steering wheel, seats … to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

How much is the car sunshade?

Reply: Car sunshades cost from 150,000 to 800,000 VND/set of 4 doors depending on the type.

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