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Có nên độ cửa hít ô tô không? Kinh nghiệm độ lắp cửa hít xe

The car door is a door that can automatically latch and lock with just an extremely light push, the door closes smoothly and with very little sound.

What is a car door?

Soft close is a type of door that is capable of automatically closing without the need for a strong hand to force the door to snap into the lever like a normal car door. This type of door is installed with a smart automatic door locking system. Accordingly, users only need to push lightly so that the door just touches the lock on the body, the system will automatically pull the latch door.

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The car door is a type of door that is capable of automatically closing without force of hand

Previously, the car door was considered a trendy equipment, usually only available on luxury cars from Mercedes E200 Exclusive, Mercedes E300 AMG, BMW 520i and 530i, Audi A6, Audi Q7… and above. However, nowadays, almost any car model can own this advanced feature by automatically adjusting the car door.

Should the car intake door be adjusted?

It is not natural that many people are interested, even “infatuated” with the car door. This luxury feature really has many advantages and is very convenient. Most of today’s car doors are reinforced very thickly, with soundproofing – insulation, installing more speakers, lights, wooden panels … so it’s quite heavy. This leads to closing the door too hard, causing the car to be damaged, worrying about damaging the car, and pushing it lightly, the door will not latch. However, all problems are neatly solved when there is a car door.

Close the door gently

Gone are the days when you had to use a lot of force to close the door or have to close and close it many times to get the door closed. When installing the car door, closing the door will become extremely easy, just push the door lightly and the door will latch quickly. The intake door helps to reduce the force of closing the door, and at the same time, it also limits the situation of closing the door too hard to affect the car. This type of door is especially suitable for children and the elderly.

When installing the car door, closing the door will become extremely easy, just push it lightly and the door latches quickly.

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Close the door quietly, the sound is very low

Hardly anyone can feel comfortable with the rattling, rumbling sound that comes out every time the car door is closed. Even closing too hard shakes the whole car. However, with the car door, when touching the latch, the door will be automatically pulled in smoothly. Closing sound is very low.

Avoid the situation that the door is not closed tightly

The sound of an alarm when the car door is not closed is probably one of the most annoying and frustrating things that almost any driver has ever encountered, even often. Especially in case the passenger gets off the bus, the door is not closed, the driver has to run back and forth to close the door. This is very inconvenient, especially when the car is temporarily parked in a crowded place.

However, if you customize the car door, you will certainly no longer have to spend time closing the door or looking for a door that has not been closed tightly. By simply releasing your hand, the door is locked securely.

Luxurious experience

The car door is an equipment that helps to raise the level of a pet driver. This feature is not only useful and comfortable, but also provides an elegant and modern experience that is usually only found in European luxury cars.

Structure and working principle of the intake manifold

The structure of the car door includes: a door lock with a sensor, an electric motor and a cable.

The structure of the car door includes a lock with a sensor, an electric motor and a cable

The principle of operation of the car door: When the door latch is detected within a range of about 4 – 8 mm, the sensor will close the electrical circuit. From there, activate the electric motor to act as a winch to pull the rope, pull the cable to tighten the latch door to the lever on the body of the car.

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The car door has a two-step lock structure: the first step is a latch, the second step is a tight lock. Therefore, whether the door is pushed tightly closed or only slightly closed, it will be automatically locked. With a two-step structure, if the first step is not reinforced, the system will report to the ECM to control the lock. At this time, the ECM commands the electric motor to automatically rotate to pull the door in and lock it.

When the door latch is detected near the motor, pull the cable to force the door latch to the lever

Specifications of car intake doors

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Each product line of car doors will have its own specifications. However, most of them are similar in the following parameters:

  • Material: Alloy + ABS plastic (outer shell)
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Current: Less than or equal to 0.3V
  • Temperature: -40 to 88 degrees Celsius
  • Sound intensity: < 50 to 60 dB

How much does it cost to install a car door?

The current car door price ranges from 8 to 20 million VND/set of 4 doors depending on the model and manufacturer. This cost includes the purchase of the door system and installation. The warranty period for the door is different depending on the brand, but it is usually up to 2-3 years.

The price of car doors currently ranges from 8 to 20 million VND/set of 4 doors

What type of car door is good?

On the market, there are many types of car doors, the most prominent of which can be mentioned:

Owin’s trap door

Owin is an auto accessory brand, famous for its two main product lines, 360-degree cameras and car doors. This is the most popular brand of car doors today. Owin intake doors are highly appreciated for their quality, durability, stable and smooth operation… The price of genuine Owin intake doors ranges from 14 to 21 million VND/set depending on the vehicle model.

Owin inhaler door is the most popular type of inhaler door today

JooToon Inhaler Door

JooToon is also a famous brand of car doors. The advantage of JooToon inhaler door is that it uses Japanese Mabuchi motor, the closing sound is extremely low, automatically closes when near the 8mm latch, has a new generation child lock… The price of genuine JooToon inhalers ranges from 11 20 million VND/set depending on the car model.

JooToon inhaler is also quite famous in the market

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Yagu inhalation door

Yagu inhalation door is a product line of imported inhalation doors, with the advantages of smart mechanism, gentle closing, anti-jamming sensor automatically releasing when encountering obstacles, warranty for up to 3 years… Main Yagu inhaler door price The company ranges from 10 to 18 million VND/set depending on the car model.

Yagu inhaler door is a product line of imported inhaler door, with the advantage of smart mechanism


Scar is an auto accessory brand known for many product lines such as 360-degree cameras, car speakers, car monitors and especially car doors. The Scar door series has the optimal strength of short cables but gives stronger traction, can adjust the sensitivity of the cable, close the door gently, 1-for-1 warranty within 3 years… Price of the main Scar door from 10 to 20 million VND/set depending on the car model.

The Scar door has the optimal strength of the short cable, but pulls it stronger, and the sensitivity of the cable can be adjusted up or down

The process of installing car intake doors

Steps to install the car door:

Step 1: Remove the car door cover. Note that some car door panels do not pull out (horizontally) but push up (vertical).

Step 2: Remove the outside door handle.

Step 3: Remove the original door lock set.

Step 4: Install the inhaler door lock. A set of intake doors will have two main parts, the lock set and the motor. Only install the lock set at this time.

To install the car intake, just replace the old lock set and power on the electric motor

Step 5: Connect the power supply wire to the motor. Electricity will be supplied directly from the battery. After supplying power to the motor, put the motor in the door. Note that the motor should not be placed too high because it will be easy to touch the journey down the glass of the car window glass. Should be placed as deep below as possible.

Step 6: Reinstall the outside door handle.

Step 7: Reinstall the car door cover.

Advantages of car doors

Capable of anti-jamming

The car door has anti-jamming ability to avoid causing danger to users. In the process of closing the door, if there is an obstacle, the door will automatically stop.

Do not change the car design

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Although many people call it “snare door mode”, it is actually just replacing the old door lock with a new one with a sensor and motor. Therefore, the installation of car intake doors almost does not change the design and structure of the car. When installing the door, there is no drilling, cutting, chiseling, mode … The door lock is in the right position to replace the old original door lock. And the motor is located deep below, does not affect the overall operation of the vehicle.

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Installing a car door does not change the design and structure of the car

Ensure the safety of the electrical system

The power supply wiring for the intake door motor is a wire that is led directly from the battery through two layers of fuses, one located at the source and one on the control circuit board of the motor. During the installation process, there is not any deduction or interference with the original electrical system on the vehicle. Therefore, it still ensures the safety of the car’s electrical system.

Close / open the door normally when the car loses power

When the car loses power, the user can still open/close the door normally.

Compatible with vehicles

The current car door is designed specifically for each car model, model, car brand… Therefore, when installed, it will be completely compatible with the car. Most of the popular models on the market today are from A-class cars such as Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, etc. C- and D-class models such as Mazda 3, Kia K3 (Cerato), Toyota Camry, VinFast Lux A2. 0, Honda CR-V, Hyundai SantaFe… to luxury cars of brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Land Rover… all have compatible intakes.

Today’s car doors are designed specifically for each model, car model, car company …


Despite the extra installation, the car door is also very durable. Life is not inferior to the original door lock. Specifically, the operating life of the car door can be up to more than 100,000 cycles.

How long does it take to install a car door?

Installing the inhaler is not too complicated, so it’s quite fast. The installation time for the intake door ranges from 1 to 4 hours depending on the number of installers. Because the car has 4 doors, it will be very fast if many workers are divided and installed at the same time.

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Frequently asked questions about car doors

Is the car door good?

Reply: According to actual evaluations from car owners who have modified car doors, this system works well, closes smoothly, is very convenient, providing a similar experience to luxury cars… The current line of car doors is quite durable. , the duty cycle is up to more than 100,000 times. There is also a long-term warranty, up to 2-3 years.

What type of car door should be installed?

Reply: Some of today’s highly rated car doors can be mentioned as: Owin, JooToon, Yagu, Scar…

Is it possible to install the car door on your own at home?

Reply: The way to install the car door is quite simple, not complicated mode, almost just replacing the old lock set. However, the installer needs to have an understanding of the car electrical system, how to disassemble the car door and lock the car. Therefore, to ensure that the door is installed correctly, it is still best to take the car to a reputable and professional garage. Most places that sell car doors today support on-site installation.

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