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Cách nhận biết xe taxi hoàn lương, xe từng chạy dịch vụ

When buying a used car, in order to avoid being deceived, buying the wrong taxi, a car that used to run old services, you can use the following ways to identify a refunded taxi.

In order to get a high price, there are many places for “makeover”, “butt cheeks” to renew old and broken taxis into “home cars”. There have been many cases of being cheated when buying a used car, “trapped”, thinking that it was a “delicious” home car, but it turned out to be a taxi, an old service car that was almost “diaper”.

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Should I buy a car with a taxi?

Most cars run services such as taxis, Grab… usually cheap versions. As a result, the comfort equipment, especially the safety system, has been reduced quite a lot. Especially compared to the car car Individuals/family, service cars operate many times higher, almost no “rest”. The car is often exposed to the sun and rain, little care, mantain carefully.

Therefore, with the same period of use, if an individual/family vehicle has 1 wear and tear, the service vehicle can degrade to 2, 3 or even 4 times more wear and tear. Especially with small cars like Kia Morning, Hyundai i10Toyota Wigo, Toyota Vios… mostly paint color, copper frame, engine, gearchassis … are degraded, even “worn” seriously.

The car has run a taxi, the service will often be worn out and seriously degraded

According to many experienced mechanics, if you buy a service car or liquidate an old taxi, the engine part almost has to be “overhauled” to ensure stable operation of the vehicle. In the chassis part, the shock absorbers, suspension system, steering wheel … also need to be replaced. The electrical system should be replaced with new wires to ensure safety, similarly light system Is no exception. Parts inside the car interior such as seat system, air conditioning system, entertainment system (car screen, car speakers)… definitely need a lot of renovation.

According to the methods of calculating the selling price of used cars, liquidated taxis are often 30% – 40% cheaper than home cars, even 50%. But the cost of repair and “great restoration” so that the car can operate smoothly and safely is about the same as that, even higher than the cost of buying a car.

Buy a liquidated taxi, even though it is cheap, but the cost of “great restoration” is very high

Therefore, to the question “should buy a liquidated taxi”, according to many experienced people the answer is “no”. Because the risk will be great. Even if you spend money on “overhaul”, it is impossible to be sure that the car will operate stably and sustainably in the future.

And in case you still want to buy a used car to go back to run a taxi, run Grab … then you should buy a liquidated taxi that has not been repaired. Because now you can completely control the restoration and repair of your car, especially manually choosing to replace quality parts and components.

How to recognize a refunded taxi

Check registration certificate

The simplest way to identify a serviced vehicle is to check the vehicle registration certificate. With the line of vehicles running professional services such as taxis, there will be a checkmark on the transport business section. On the other hand, according to regulations, the registration cycle for transport business vehicles is only 6 months. While non-transport vehicles are 18 months for vehicles manufactured under 7 years, 12 months for vehicles manufactured from 7 to 12 years, and 6 months for vehicles manufactured over 12 years.

In the car registration book, it will be clearly stated whether the vehicle has a transport business or not

So, if you want to know if the taxi is refunded, you don’t just need to directly check the vehicle registration certificate. In case the car owner does not accept to show the registration papers or reports the loss or the registration paper shows signs of being erased or changed, it is likely that this car has an unclear “background”, no reliable.

However, this way of checking vehicles running this service can only be used to check with professional transport business vehicles. For semi-specialized service vehicles, for example, car owners take home cars to run more contract cars, Grab, Uber … or self-drive car rental, the registration will not be checked into Transportation business. Therefore, it is difficult for buyers to check in this way.

In general, this is just a reference check. Because many places can fake the registration book, fake the chassis number – the engine number. Therefore, for an accurate assessment, it is necessary to combine with checking the actual condition of the vehicle.

Check for signs to identify service vehicles

How to identify the car? old car Running the service is most accurate to check some of the following parts:

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Through the car paint, you can find the signs that identify the refunded taxi. First, look at the top of the car, right where the cab is usually located. If it’s a taxi, the paint here will be newer than the surrounding area.

Next, evaluate the paint condition and compare it with the car’s use time. If the car has been used for many years but the paint is still very new, it is most likely The car has been repainted.

Carefully check the paint color at the place where the cab crown is placed

Then check the paintwork on the chassis. This is a part that is often overlooked when “butt cheeks” taxi into a house car. Because many people think that buyers will be less likely to check in. If you check the undercarriage of the car and find it has a lot of scratches, even dents, rust, etc., much degraded compared to the upper part, it is highly likely that the car is running for service.

Finally, do not ignore the paint of the car door steps. In taxis, because the number of people entering and exiting the car is very high, the paint on the door step will be scratched and degraded very quickly. Therefore, if the paint in this area is too new or too old, it should be questioned.

Taxis often stick the driver’s license number on the windshield and rear window, and advertise on the rear window. Therefore, one way to recognize a refunded taxi is to observe the driver’s glass and the rear window. If there are traces of the driver’s license plate or the glass has a different color, it must have been a taxi. Unless the car has been replaced with new glass, it is difficult to detect.

Taxi drivers often stick the driver’s license number on the windshield and rear window

In order to “cover the eyes” of buyers, many car owners also accept to spend money to replace new glasses for the car. If you see that the car glass is very new compared to the time of using the car, you should also ask questions.

Observing car lights is also a way to check service vehicles. Due to use many times more than normal, the service car light system will degrade and get old quickly. In case the headlights are too new, you should also be careful because they may have been replaced.

One way to identify a taxi that many people use is to check the interior of the car, especially the taplo area. Taxis often have to install a odometer and charge at the taplo. Therefore, when buying a used car, please carefully check the taplo.

If you find the taplo has traces like being punched near the cup holder, has small holes, is not flat, has signs of “patchwork” … then it is highly likely that this is a liquidated taxi. In case the taplo is too new for the age of use, you should also question it.

Taplo taxis often have to have a meter attached, so it’s easy to leave a trace

Check the door handle carefully. If you see that the door handle is discolored, peeling, or scratched too much, it may be a taxi.

Due to the high frequency of use, the accelerator/brake pedal (for vehicles automatic transmission) and accelerator/brake/clutch (with vehicle gearbox) on taxis, service cars, etc. will usually wear out faster than usual. In addition, it is possible to check whether the vehicle has been serviced or not through the degradation of other details such as the steering wheel, the function key system on the dashboard…

  • Locks (for older cars)

Checking the car lock is also one of the ways to know if the car is running or not. Vehicles that run service because of the characteristics of many activities, so the locks are easily worn, older …

  • Speedometer

The parameters on the speedometer are for reference only because it is possible car speedometer, including electronic watches. But when checking the car, you should also check it out, compare the number of kilometers on the meter to match the actual condition of the car or not.

Should take a look at the car speedometer to compare with the actual condition of the car

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According to some people who have many years of experience in checking old cars, vehicles that have run services such as taxis, Grab… most of the air conditioners will work a lot, even continuously. Therefore, the air conditioner is easily degraded quickly. When buying a used car, it is necessary to carefully check the car’s air conditioning system. If you find that the air conditioner is noisy, hum, slow cooling … then the car is likely to have been used to run a taxi.

To know if the service vehicle or taxi is liquidated or not, you should carefully observe the seating system, especially the driver’s seat. Because the service vehicle is often used a lot, with little maintenance, the seat system will degrade very quickly. Pay close attention to the hip and thigh support areas. On service vehicles, these positions are often cracked and severely peeled due to constant friction.

See more:

Taxi seats, service vehicles are often seriously degraded

Test drive the car

With service cars, taxis for liquidation, no matter how big they are, it is difficult to change the degraded machinery system and “diapers” more than usual. When you test drive the car, you will be able to check whether the engine has a “diaper” or not.

When you test drive the car, you should turn on the air conditioner at maximum capacity. Please drive in many different types of terrain such as: bumpy roads, ramps … Running in bad terrain, the weakness of the engine, chassis system … is easy to reveal. In fact, there are cases where the car runs fine in the street, but when it’s on the road, the slope is clearly weak. When the car engine is “diaper”, the car will feel sluggish and heavier, accelerate slowly, shift gears less smoothly…

If first time car buyerIf you don’t have a lot of experience looking at old cars, you should find a longtime car mechanic or used car inspection service Professional to be able to check and appraise accurately.

Limit the selection of cars that often run taxis

To avoid the risk of buying the wrong taxi, old service, a good tip is to limit the selection of car models and versions of cars often used for taxis. According to some experts, if you are worried about buying the wrong taxi, you just need to remove the old cars that you should not buy such as Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova… Of course, other cars can still be used to run taxis, services … but quite rare.

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Frequently asked questions about used taxis and services

How to identify Innova taxi?

Reply: To identify Innova taxi you can check on the vehicle registration book. Besides, it is possible to check the parts that are easily identifiable by taxis such as: car paint (taxi cars often have to be repainted), taplo, door panels, car seats…

Should I buy a car with a taxi?

Reply: According to many experts, cars that have run taxis are often severely degraded due to heavy use. On the other hand, most of them receive little care and maintenance. Therefore, the use value is not much, the risk of damage later is high. Although the price of the car is cheap, it should be limited to buy.

Where to buy liquidation taxi?

Answer: Normally, big taxi companies such as Vinasun, Mai Linh, Thinh Hung, Taxi Group… will periodically liquidate taxis. The liquidated taxis are usually Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Innova… You can follow the websites of these car manufacturers or the news sites for sale of used cars to know when the liquidation takes place.

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