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Bọc trần ô tô nỉ, simili, da lộn, 5D, 6D loại nào tốt nhất?

Car ceiling covers have many types such as felt ceiling covers, industrial leather ceiling covers, suede ceiling covers, 5D, 6D ceiling covers… So which is the best?

Should car ceiling cover?

Most of the original “zin” car ceilings are now covered with felt. Felt material has the advantages of good heat insulation and sound absorption, but there are many limitations.

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Felt is made from fabric combined with wool by pressing yarn, so it keeps dust and dust more than ordinary cloth. In particular, felt has very high water absorption and hygroscopic properties, so it is extremely easy to stain and get wet. When the felt ceiling is dirty, it will be very difficult to clean. Use common methods like vacuum cleaner, brush, wipe with a damp cloth… it is almost impossible to clean thoroughly. If the bare felt is damp, it can easily smell unpleasant. Long-term humidity can also lead to mold growth.

The original felt ceiling cover according to the car is easy to get dirty, damp, smelly…

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In the process of use, if not well maintained, the felt ceiling will be yellowed, damp, patchy, mottled or ruffled … looks very unsightly. In addition, the felt ceiling also has the disadvantage of easy to stick to the smell and keep the smell. When eating, drinking, smoking in the car, the smell is often left on the ceiling.

This is the reason why more and more people actively upgrade the ceiling cover for their cars. Ceiling cover for cars helps to overcome the limitations of the original “zin” felt ceiling, anti-dust, anti-fouling, limiting odor … better.

When covering the ceiling, cleaning the ceiling is also simpler and easier. Many types of ceiling coverings now also support heat, heat and sound insulation for the ceiling of the car. In particular, there are some very beautiful types, making the car interior look more luxurious and high-class.

Nylon ceiling cover

Car ceiling covering with nylon (also known as nylon, glossy paper, glass paper …) is a type of ceiling covering using thick nylon material. This is one of the earliest types of ceiling coverings, many years ago very popular, especially with service cars.

Advantages of nylon ceiling covering

Cheap: The cheapest price of nylon car ceiling cover in all types of ceiling covers.

Anti-dust, anti-odor, good moisture-proof: Because nylon does not absorb water, it is very resistant to stains, odors, and moisture.

Car nylon ceiling covers are cheap, anti-fouling, good dustproof

Easy to clean: The nylon ceiling cover is very easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Keeping the original ceiling: The nylon ceiling covering only covers the felt ceiling, almost does not affect the original ceiling of the car. Therefore, it is possible to keep the “zin” ceiling.

Cons of nylon ceiling covering

Easy to noise, increase noise: Many drivers said that when covering the ceiling of a car with plastic, the car is often more noisy, people sitting inside easily have a feeling of tinnitus, buzzing in the ears because of the echoing sound. The reason is because nylon has very poor sound absorption. When the nylon is stretched, it will be like a curtain that vibrates and echoes the sound instead of canceling it.

Do not hug the ceiling: Car ceilings are often designed to bend upwards in the form of a round roof. Therefore, when wrapping the plastic sheet, it will not be able to hug the ceiling of the car. This more or less affects the ventilation of the ceiling space.

Nylon car ceiling covers are easy to cause noise, tear, and are not durable

Easy to tear: Although using thick nylon, the bearing capacity is still very poor. Especially because the plastic wrap does not hug the ceiling, but stretches it horizontally, so it is easier to tear if it is pierced with hands or sharp objects.

Poor aesthetics: Many people think that the plastic ceiling cover looks a bit “cheap”, even “thought that the garanti layer of the new car has not been torn”. In addition, it is easy to be mistaken for service cars. Because most service cars choose this type of car ceiling cover because it is both cheap and easy to clean.

The price of car plastic ceiling covers ranges from 400,000 to 800,000 VND depending on the model of a 4- or 7-seat car.

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Industrial/simili leather ceiling covering

Automotive industrial leather ceiling covering is a type of ceiling covering using industrial leather, also known as artificial leather, synthetic leather, or imitation leather. This is a leather made from polyester/PVC yarn combined with shredded or not leather. Industrial leather has many characteristics similar to real leather from color, softness, texture or texture on the surface. The two most common types of industrial leather used to cover the car ceiling are simili leather and PU leather.

Simili leather is mainly made of polyester fiber and PVC. PU leather is made from genuine leather chips pressed together with polyester fibers. Due to the addition of real leather chips, PU leather is softer, more durable and more similar to real leather than simili leather. Simili leather is mainly made of plastic, so it is harder and rougher. The price of simili leather is cheaper than PU leather.

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Advantages of industrial leather ceiling covering

Affordable price: Industrial leather is usually produced in large rolls, the cost is quite soft, so the price of industrial leather ceiling covering is relatively affordable. In which, simili leather ceiling cover is the cheapest.

Close to the ceiling: Unlike nylon, the industrial leather ceiling cover is glued closely, hugging all the details on the ceiling surface similar to the felt ceiling.

Good moisture resistance: Industrial leather does not absorb water, so it resists moisture well, and also resists dirt and dust quite well.

Industrial leather ceiling cover has a soft price, anti-fouling – good moisture resistance, easy to clean

Easy to clean: Because it does not absorb moisture, industrial leather is very easy to clean, can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth or other types car interior cleaning solution.

Disadvantages of ceiling covering simili

Unstable: If the nylon is easy to tear, the fake leather ceiling is easy to crack and peel off after a few years. Especially because it is based on plastic, industrial leather, especially simili leather, is very resistant to high temperatures. When this type of leather is applied to the roof of the car, the leather will often suffer from heat due to the heat emitted from the roof above. This makes the skin age faster and more degraded. Comparing durability, PU leather is more durable than simili leather.

Frowst: The first time after covering the ceiling of industrial leather, the car often has a strong plastic smell and an unpleasant smell of glue. Later, although it gradually disappeared, but every time I parked the car in the hot sun for a long time, closing the door, it was easy to smell. This is inherently a common disadvantage of parts made from plastic or rubber when exposed to high temperatures. Not only produces odors but also can release Benzene toxins that affect health.

The price of car simili ceiling cover ranges from 700,000 to 1,400,000 VND depending on the model of 4- or 7-seat car. The price of automotive PU leather ceiling covering ranges from 1,500,000 to 5,000,000 VND depending on the model of 4- or 7-seat car.

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Suede Ceiling Cover

Automotive suede ceiling cover is a type of ceiling covering using suede material. This is the type of leather located in the lower layer of the animal skin, most commonly the skin of cows, pigs, goats… Suede does not have a hard skin layer on top, so it is softer and more flexible. The characteristic feature of suede is that the surface is in the form of soft microfibers, smooth as velvet.

There are two types of auto suede ceiling covers on the market: real suede and artificial suede (imitation leather). Because real suede is expensive and rare, artificial suede is more popular. Alcantara is one of the high-quality artificial suede brands that many brands offer European luxury car Use ceiling and interior upholstery for cars. This leather is woven synthetically from polyester and polyurethane fibers.

Advantages of suede ceiling covering

Luxurious: The suede ceiling cover gives it a premium and luxurious feel. This is also the reason why most super-luxury cars and supercars now use this type of leather to cover the ceiling and interior.

Close to the ceiling: When covering the suede ceiling, the leather is glued to hug every detail on the surface of the ceiling similar to the felt ceiling, which looks very nice.

Automotive suede ceiling cover brings a very luxurious and high-class feeling

Good sound absorption: Suede has good sound absorption ability, helping the car not to be echoes and buzzing. The sound is warmer and clearer.

Durable: Depending on the type of suede used, the durability of suede ceiling covers will vary, but usually they are quite durable.

Cons of suede ceiling covering

Easy to get dirty, damp, smelly, moldy: Automotive suede ceiling covers have the same disadvantages as felt ceiling covers. Because suede also absorbs moisture and absorbs water, it is easy to keep dust, dirt, moisture, and odors. When the skin is dirty or damp, it often has an unpleasant smell. If not cleaned, it is easy to mold.

Car ceiling covers have disadvantages that are easy to get dirty, easy to get wet, and difficult to clean

Difficult to clean: Suede ceiling covers are difficult to clean. Can’t use normal methods, if improperly cleaned, it is easy to damage the skin surface.

The price of car artificial suede ceiling cover is about 1,500,000 – 3,000,000 VND depending on the model of 4- or 7-seat car. The price of the real suede ceiling cover is from 4,000,000 to 10,000,000 VND depending on the car with 4 or 7 seats.

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Ceiling cover 5D, 6D

Car ceiling covering 5D, 6D is a type of ceiling covering using PU leather material, but inside it is combined with additional layers of sponge foam. This type of material is now also commonly used in production carpet and car trunk lining.

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Advantages of ceiling covering 5D, 6D

Good anti-dust and anti-fouling: The PU leather surface is treated with water resistance, so it is dust-proof and anti-fouling.

Close to the ceiling: The 5D and 6D ceiling covers are also glued close to the ceiling similar to felt, simili or suede ceiling covers.

Ceiling cover 5D, 6D anti-fouling, good dust, easy to clean

Easy to clean: Because PU leather is waterproof, the 5D and 6D ceiling covers are easy to clean. A damp cloth can be used for quick cleaning.

Soundproof: Among the types of car ceiling coverings, 5D and 6D ceiling covers have the best soundproofing ability. Because inside the PU leather are sponges that have an effective soundproofing and sound absorption effect.

Insulation: The sponge layer of the 5D and 6D car ceiling covers also has the ability to insulate and resist the heat of the ceiling, making the car cabin cooler, especially when parking or driving in the hot sun.

Car ceiling covering 5D, 6D also supports effective sound and heat insulation

Cons of ceiling covering 5D, 6D

Wet: Although PU leather is treated with waterproofing, inside the 5D and 6D ceiling covers there are many layers of sponge foam. This type of material has a very high absorbent ability, so it is easy to get wet in the rainy season. When damp, it often has an unpleasant odor, accompanied by mold, which is difficult to clean. However, there is no need to worry too much about this disadvantage because the ceiling cover hugs the ceiling of the car. The heat from the roof corrugated iron roof will help the ceiling cover stay dry, difficult to get wet like the floor mats.

Covering 5D and 6D car ceilings when damp inside is very difficult to handle

Slightly less airy: The structure is covered with 5D, 6D multi-layer leather, including PU leather and 1-2 layers of sponge, so it is generally quite thick. When wrapped on the ceiling, although it is not too affected, it will look less airy than felt or industrial leather.

The price of ceiling cover for 5D and 6D cars ranges from 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 VND depending on the car with 4 or 7 seats.

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What kind of car ceiling cover is good?

Compare nylon car ceiling covers, industrial leather (simili/PU), suede and 5D – 6D leather:

*Drag the table to the right to see the full information

Ceiling cover nylon Simili leather/PU Suede Skin 5D, 6D
Hugging to the ceiling No Have Have Have
Anti-fouling Good Rather Least Rather
Anti-dust Good Rather Least Rather
Anti-odor Good Rather Medium Rather
Moisture resistant Good Good Least Rather
Toilet Very easy Easy Difficult Easy
Original smell Hot Hot with simili Little Little
Aesthetics Short Medium Beautiful, luxurious Beautiful
Reliability Less than 2 years 2-4 years 5 years or more 2-4 years
Reference price 400,000 – 800,000 VND 700,000 – 1,500,000 VND 1,500,000 – 10,000,000 VND 1,500,000 – 3,000,000 VND

Compare the types of car ceiling coverings, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nylon and simili ceiling covers are cheap but have low durability and are not beautiful. Upholstery in suede or Alcantara is luxurious, high-class, but the skin is too sensitive, requiring careful care, care and maintenance.

In terms of convenience, industrial grade 1 PU leather ceiling covers and 5D and 6D ceiling covers are the best. These two types of ceiling coverings are quite resistant to dirt, dust, odor, and moisture, and are easy to clean and have relatively high durability. Car ceiling covering 5D, 6D is superior in sound insulation and heat insulation due to the foam padding inside. This is also the reason why this type of ceiling covering 5D, 6D is currently very hot, chosen by many people.

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Frequently asked questions about car ceiling covers

📌 What is the effect of car ceiling covering?

Reply: Car ceiling cover has the effect of preventing dust, dirt, and easier cleaning. In addition, many types of high-class ceiling coverings also help the car interior look more beautiful and luxurious.

📌 What kind of car ceiling cover is good?

Reply: There are different types of car ceiling coverings such as nylon ceiling covering (or glossy paper ceiling covering), simili leather ceiling covering, suede ceiling covering, 5D ceiling covering, 6D ceiling covering… Each type of ceiling covering has its own advantages and disadvantages. In which, 5D and 6D ceiling coverings are currently the most popular.

📌 How much does car roof cover cost?

Reply: The price of a car ceiling cover varies on average from 500,000 to 3,000,000 VND depending on the type of ceiling cover and the model of the car.

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